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Happy Travels

A compilation of my personal travel tips and published pieces.

CTC award: Extremely happy to land the Canadian Tourist Commission's Top Travel Story award in 2011 - diving from an ice floe in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, Nunavut, after a long kayak was worth it
Cornwall / Wick Inn, Tofino: I'm happy to see ratings on Simon Nixon's impressive new travel website... My current stories are on storm-watching in Tofino (a longtime favourite), on the west coast of Canada, touring the gardens of Eden in Cornwall, U.K., and the epicurean highlights of the U.K.'s West Country, too. Please join in the chat at The site - a year in the making and launched with a million-pound investment - has already scored deals with 10 major aggregators including Expedia and (and has another 10 in the pipeline). It's also about to finalize commercial arrangements with flight, car hire and insurance providers to offer that seamless service for users. It's looking good and once again it's been fun being in on a launch...
London by Twitter: One of the best ways to get around a city? Just tweet that you're coming. It turns up some really interesting and unexpected results. Remember, if you always do what you've always done, you'll always be who you've always been.
Olympic London: Checking out the East End - with a nod to Henry James; and the capital for business travellers - with a rub of the Duke of Wellington's nose, perhaps...
San Diego: As a tennis fan and nascent golfer, this was a dream assignment. Rancho Santa Fe near San Diego is one exclusive, hot club. Dreaming of heading down there in those Vancouver rainy days.
Vail / Beaver Creek: Wide bowls, an abundance of champagne powder - and even an escalator to take you to the lift. Welcome to Colorado...

Alaska by Silver Seas: Quite frankly, the most civilized way to hit the Inside Passage.

The world's largest cruise ship: The Allure of the Seas is attracting the Asian market. 

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