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Seizing the Moment

Reflections During the Recession

"It's human nature to buckle down during this type of challenging time. But I wanted to take the opposite approach. I wanted to make sure that we continue to be aggressive, that we continue to deliver the product and services at the level we had done, even stepping it up a notch."

(Joey St-Aubin, president and CEO at Canlan)

Working on a business series this summer for Canwest News Services has brought a healthy dose of happiness during the economic melee. It's been inspiring exploring how companies jockey for prime spots in the post-recession race. The switching-up strategies from Day4 Energy, Build Direct, Canlan Ice Sports are good reminders that opportunities do exist now and I feel it's the same in journalism. It's a time of brilliant acceleration as magazines and newspapers carve out great new ways of staying ahead of the curve. For a freelancer, that means diversification is the way to remaining in demand.

"In terms of what makes a company successful, one of the things is being able to be flexible. You need to be able to modify your plans to meet the new environment."

(Therese Hayes, head of corporate development at Day4)

"Here's our opportunity to really come out the other side of this, going gangbusters and grabbing a huge amount of market share. We want to be a billion-dollar company and we want to be a billion-dollar company soon."

(Rob Banks, co-founder of

Switching Things Up In the Downturn

The recession has really made editors focus on the best things in life. I've had the chance to interview other ski and snowboard instructors as to why they do this (poorly) paid job, to write a father's day story about the gift of good health (not a sock or tie in sight!), the seven most amazing westcoast workouts, chapters on the Olympics and why Vancouverites fastidiously follow the faster, stronger, higher ethos in their fitness regimen...and on the fashion front I've explored the real story behind clothing sizes. Having paid my dues training as a yoga and ski instructor myself, I've noticed a few people using this time to take courses in ways that may not bring you huge wealth but do keep you happy and healthy - no matter what the economic climate.

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